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Kerri Gaskin, BA, Dip.HTM, Cert.Ed., MA.C.Psych, LCT-C, CCC
Licensed Counselling Therapist (C)

Coverdale Counselling & Consulting

The “Coffee and Conversation Counsellor,” Kerri holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology with specialized training in Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, Post-traumatic Growth, Child Trauma and Brain Development, Cognitive Neuroscience, Experiential Education (including the “Challenge by Choice” model), 
Borderline Personality Disorder, Behavioural Medicine, and Emotional Regulation. 

In the past, she has worked with the Minister of State for Youth and Literacy, the American Camping Association, Boys and Girls Clubs Canada, Boy Scouts of America, Transport Canada, the Department of Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour, various school districts in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and YM/YWCA Camps.  

Kerri has extensive experience with youth programs and educational institutions both public and private and from pre-K through post-secondary as an educator and an administrator.  

Currently, Kerri works in private practice as a Licensed Counselling Therapist (C)  offering support to individuals and groups with general mental health concerns as well as professionals in caring fields as they work through the occupational hazards of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout. 

With a special interest in women’s and girls’ issues.  Kerri works with women and girls as they build resiliency and coping skills. Her approach encourages girls and women to recognize they have the answers within to meet the challenges of peer & societal pressures with skills of resilience, positive self-talk, and self-compassion.

Angela Geddes MBA, CPCC
Certified Equine Guided Coach and Facilitator

 Soul On Fire Professional and Personal Coaching

Angela is a change agent.  A certified Coach and Human Resource consultant, she can help you strategically navigate the human side of your business while balancing the needs of your organization.  Coming from an extensive career in the corporate world with experience in Finance/Accounting and Human Resources Angela has now transitioned to the world of entrepreneurship and heart-centered business and offers extensive consulting & coaching programs. 

In her equine centre, coaching is provided to leaders, individuals and youth to dive into self-leadership and connection.  Programs are also offered to support mental health concerns which directly impact productivity within a business and will be the #1 economic impact to a business by 2020. 

With specialities in relationship building, strategic human resource planning, organizational design, performance management, coaching, analysis, change management, conflict resolution, and solutions focused corporate and personal development, Angela can work with you in these key areas:

  • ​Human Resource (HR) consulting
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Team Engagement and Conflict Resolution
  • Psychological Wellness Standards
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